Scholarship Program

The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame is restarting a scholarship program for the direct benefit of its membership. Annually, one or more scholarships will be issued at the sole discretion of the WDCHOF Executive Board. The dollar value of this award is subject to funds availability and is determined annually at the Spring Meeting of the WDCHOF Executive Board

Who is Eligible?

  1. Any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of a living WDCHOF member in good standing is eligible to apply either themselves or through a member. A member in good standing is defined as a member (Regular or Associate) who has remitted their annual pledge for the year they make application for the scholarship.
  2. The applicant must be a high school or college student, or, if the applicant is not a student, they must be a current active member of a drum and bugle corps.
  3. The applicant or sponsor for the applicant must apply online or by printed forms and attachments only as detailed on the WDCHOF web site.
  4. Scholarship Award application deadline is July 15 of each year.

How Do I Apply, and What Are the Deadlines?

Eligible Candidates must apply in the following manner:

  1. The WDCHOF member or the eligible beneficiary must complete the ONLINE application. The 2019 Scholarship Award application deadline is Noon on July 15. The application may require verification of education and/or other important items. Also, a letter of recommendation from the WDCHOF member relative and a second letter of recommendation are required.
  2. The WDCHOF membership will be verified through the Executive Board.
  3. When an application is completed online , both the applicant and WDCHOF Scholarship Committee Chair are notified automatically via email.
  4. If you have questions about your online Scholarship application, contact the Scholarship Committee representative at Visit the website for more information. Upon receipt of the application, the applicant will receive a notification that the application was received. Scholarship(s) award will be announced by August 1.

Who Selects the Scholarship Awardee(s)

The Selection Committee is appointed by the Executive Board for a two year term and consists of three members of the WDCHOF and a Chair who are not eligible to participate in the program in the years they are on the committee. The Selection Committee is responsible for the confidential review of each applicant’s file. They determine the Scholarship awardee(s). All decisions are final.

How Will Applications Be Judged? – Criteria

The WDCHOF scholarship award provides assistance to children and grandchildren of WDCHOF members. The relatives so defined must be high school students, going on to college, current college students or current members of the drum corps community and exhibit typical core values including:

  1. Academic commitment
  2. Charitable/Community Service
  3. Integrity
  4. Drum Corps Participation/experience
  5. Band Participation/experience

The Selection Committee judges applications based on the above values. There will be no examination of the prospective awardee(s) with respect to financial need or other personal matters. Educational and other claims will be verified by the committee during review.

Awarding the Scholarship(s)

  1. Decision Date -The Scholarship Committee will make their decision by August 1. The successful applicant(s) will be notified by e-mail and phone call from the Committee Chair immediately thereafter. The awardee(s) will be mentioned in the WDCHOF Yearbook, provided time is sufficient for inclusion.
  2. Presentation to the awardee(s) is to be part of the WDCHOF Banquet Ceremony, before presentation of the inductees and immediately after dinner.
  3. The awardee(s) need not be present for the presentation. The award (s) will be narrated by President of the WDCHOF at the banquet.

Download 2019 Scholarship Application PDF Form