Associate Membership



Every Drum and Bugle Corps relies upon a few key individuals who are counted upon to make everything happen. These generally are not the people standing in front of drumlines but the ones inside who have been there for years providing the backbone of stability. They usually are not the soloist who steps out and receives the standing ovation but the third baritone who handles all the instrument repairs. These are the fundraisers, the treasurers, the truck drivers – no corps could survive without them!

Selection as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER is intended to acknowledge and recognize those individuals who have had this important, yet local effect on drum corps. The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame has established the category of Associate Member within the Hall of Fame to honor such individuals.

Achieving Associate Membership in the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame is a three-step procedure as follows:


Any interested person may submit a candidate for the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame membership consideration by completing a Nomination Form on the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame website and obtaining the candidate confirmation.

To be eligible for Associate Membership the nominee must be or have been a member of a junior, senior, all-age or alumni corps or association. Additionally, the nominee must have dedicated at least five years of service across these groups as a performer or in a support role.

Please find a link to the nomination form below. Forms must be submitted online by February 15th to be considered for that calendar year. Once submitted, nominations remain active for a period of five years and do not require resubmission annually.


The Ballot Selection Committee consists of the WDCHOF Vice President and three (3) World Drum Corps Hall of Fame Associate Members appointed by the Vice President.

Annually, the committee will first, review all submitted applications and verify the completeness and accuracy of the information provided. The committee will return the application for additional information and clarification, if necessary.

Second, the committee will review all active applications and select twelve (12) outstanding nominees to be placed on the ballot. These twelve (12) nominees are forwarded to the Selection Committee Chairperson by March 15th.


All Associate Members of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame will receive ballots by email. Each member will cast a ballot for six of the twelve nominees. All ballots must be returned by the deadline stated in the email. Late ballots will not be counted.

The top six (6) votes will become the New Inductees for the current year. By April 25th the WDCHOF Vice President will notify all New Inductees, announce the results to the membership and have the website updated to announce results to the public.