Posted on April 5th, 2023

An all-star team of some of the most accomplished and influential individuals in the long history of the activity was selected by voters for the 2023 Class of the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame. “It was such an honor to personally call these inductees and inform them of their selection to the Hall of Fame”, commented Neal Smith, the organization’s president.

The group includes the first woman ever to march with the US Marines D&B Corps, an arranger whose musical roots can be traced to a famous Romantic-Era composer, and a director who just celebrated his 100th birthday. Following is the full list, with some of their corps affiliations:

Carol O’Brien (USMC)

John Hannigan (Cadets)

Hans Kloppert (Jubal)

Fred Sanford (SCV)

Richard Yelinek (Hurricanes)

Lawrence Visconti (Sunrisers)

Barbara Flowers (Alpine Girls)

Robert W. Smith (Suncoast)

Tom Blair (Cavaliers)

T. J. Doucette (Blue Devils)

Tom Rarick (Bluecoats)

Neil Larrivee (Cadets)

Blaise Castaldo (Caballeros)

Donna Dennesen (Crusaders Sr.)

Mark Edsall (Squires)

Wilson “Willie” Black (Buccaneers)                                                                                                                 

Carol Abohatab (Bluecoats)

Chet Doboe (Sunrisers)

Frank “Sarge” Polizzi (Shoreliners)

Additional details about all the inductees and the up-coming December ceremony can be found by visiting www.wdchof.org

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