The World Drum Corps Hall of Fame is proud to announce the following Inductees in the Class of 2024

Posted on April 24th, 2024

Tim Stodd (SCV, Empire, Argonauts)

Drew Shanefield (Cadets, Crown, Cavaliers)

Donnie Van Doren (Cadets, Crossmen, Crown)

Anthony Di Carlo (Annunciators, Boston, DCI)

Marc Sylvester (27th, Garfield, WGI)

George Zingali (27th, Garfield, Star)

David Hill (Des Plaines, Finleyville, Dagenham)

Merle Perkins (Spirit of St. Louis, World Blues Hall of Fame)

Alan Thompson (Southern Knights, Southwinds, DCUK)

Debra Warga (Meadowlarks, Blessed Sac, Skyliners)

William Kennedy (St. Joseph’s Islanders, Interstatesmen, Caballeros)

Andy Lisko (St. Raphael’s, Bpt. PAL, Skyliners)

Bill Gaeckle (Little Falls, Garfield, USMC)

Robert Dubinski (Garfield, Bridgemen, Star)

Robert Fizette (Avant Garde, Reading Bucs, Skyliners)

Complete bios, and details regarding the 2024 Induction Ceremony will be available on

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