Kloppert, Hans

Kloppert, Hans

To list fully all of Hans Kloppert’s credits would require a volume the size of War and Peace. His achievements as performer, instructor and all-around organizer make him a legend on the European drum corps scene.

From 1975 until the present, he has been a member of Jubal, the great Dutch champion unit that has set standards for over 40 years, performing as solo soprano, contra bass and drum major. On this side of the pond, he’s marched with the Rhode Island Matadors (’84), Reading Buccaneers (’87), and the Empire Statesmen (’92).

As instructor/arranger Hans has performed with both the Sojobo/Freeliners and Borsalino Drum & Bugle Corps in Belgium and coordinated the Jubal Brass Ensemble for the DC Holland and DC Netherlands I&E Championships throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s. A native of Dordrecht, Holland, he helped found a youth Field Band (drum corps) in the sister city of Dordrecht, South Africa, arranging for the donation of Jubal’s used instruments to the new unit, in addition to writing and teaching their music.

Hans has managed tours for Jubal to Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary and the US, with appearances at DCA and DCI shows. He has been a staff writer/photographer for Drum Corps World since 1984 and, as the Dutch drum corps season pauses in mid-summer, he’s been a tour volunteer for the Blue Devils for many years.

Hans is a multi-time I&E Champion in Europe, the official Dordrecht city ceremonial bugler, and a member of the Borsalino, Jubal and Buglers Halls of Fame. There’s more, of course. Consult the search engine of your choice.